The City With No Limits



The fourth largest city in America is a cosmopolitan destination full of world-class dining, arts, hotels, shopping, and nightlife. Take a stroll through the historic Heights, spend the day exploring the Museum Area, or head down to Houston Space Center.

Later, grab a bite in one of the dozens of award-winning restaurants, or hang out on Washington Avenue with the cool children. In this Southern hospitality there is always something to do that meets urban chic area. Come and see Your Houston

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Best Time To Go

A near-coastal city with a light, tropical climate, Houston is lush, almost year-round green. The acclaimed Rodeo takes place every March for a singular Texas experience, while the world’s largest Art Car Parade draws the crowds, too, in April.


Cars reign in Houston, and it’s hard to enjoy everything there’s to see without a rental, though there is an efficient metro and city bus (3 for a day pass). Neighborhoods such as downtown, the Galleria, and the Museum District are easily accessible on foot.


July is the hottest month, averaging at 94 ° F (34 ° C). January is the coldest month and averages 62 ° F (16 ° C). Huston does have one of America’s best weather. You can visit at any weather but winter is the right one.

Know Before You Go

Houston’s spring and summer months, which are famous for their record humidity, can feel much warmer than they are. The city is also a center for foreign arts, and most museums are open on Thursdays.

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Not only is the official beginning of summer just days ago, but also one of the most popular days in the United States. – Juneteenth.

June tenth-19 June short-officially marks the end of Texas slavery. Knew you Texas was the first state to allow Juneteenth a formal vacation?

It all began back in the 1860s, after former President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Though signed, the Proclamation of Emancipation in Texas had no effect on slaves unless they escaped. Click here to learn more about how Juneteenth originated in the Lone Star State.

The City With No Limits

Ever wonder how got its name from Houston’s Emancipation Park? Reverend Jack Yates, his church Antioch Baptist, and Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church gathered 1,000 in 1872 to buy ten acres of open land for what would be used for an annual celebration of June tenth. The rest, as you know, is history. No matter how much you plan to celebrate, remember this as a time to reflect and also as a time to rejoice at the nation’s steps. Below are ways to commemorate the day at Houston right here. Be sure to check in with each facility for their operating hours.

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Tourists Attractions

Here, landlubbers can go on an alluring tour of colorful, captivating undersea landscapes as varied as a sunken shipwreck and tanks full of red-bellied piranhas, poisonous stingrays and shivering sharks.

Since its inception in 1992, Space Center Houston has inspired young people to learn more about the STEM (science, technology , engineering and mathematics) fields. More than 400 space objects are stored in the core.

There’s a reason why the Houston Museum of Natural Science is among the most wanted to attend museums in the U.S. The Museum houses four floors of exhibition halls including the Hall of Paleontology in Moria.